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Are you tired of the endless piles of paper? Exhausted by constant interruptions, or annoyed by ceaseless discomfort? Whether at a home office or in a high-rise in Columbia, Maryland, your environment plays a significant role in work productivity. Increase productivity and take control of your environment by limiting distractions and keeping the climate healthy and comfortable. Here’s how to ensure a productive workplace this fall.

Limit Distractions

You know best what steals your attention. It may be the phone next to your computer, co-workers (or kids, if you’re at home) making noise nearby, or even desk clutter. Identify the things that distract you most and take care of them in your own way. Put your phone on silent and throw it into a drawer. Put on headphones and play music. Arrive at work early to organize your workspace. Do whatever helps you stay focused on the task at hand.

Keep the Air Healthy

You cannot focus when a throbbing headache is pounding at the front of your skull. Keep the air healthy by regularly changing air filters, and keeping the humidity at a healthy level. When the air is too dry, as often occurs during the fall and winter, it’s easier for flu viruses to survive. Other health issues, like a scratchy throat, a headache, and more, can also result from air that is too dry. Install a whole-house or large commercial humidifier to keep air at a healthy level.

Stay Comfortable

A study conducted by Cornell University found that temperature has a profound impact on productivity. In fact, researchers found that workers are most productive when their workplace is around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Take proper care of your HVAC system and monitor the climate of your workspace, and soon you’ll see your productivity rise.

The real key to encouraging productivity is narrowing your focus. Eliminate anything that takes your attention away from your work, and you’ll have a productive workplace this fall. For help keeping your air healthy and comfortable, give Griffith Energy Services a call at 888-474-3391.

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