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Air conditioner energy efficiency is an important topic for many reasons. Not only does it help the environment, but it also eases the strain on your wallet. Proper landscaping around your home can make a noticeable difference in your energy usage and help you to achieve better air conditioner energy efficiency. In our temperate climate, you need to adjust your landscaping to suit the season. Try these tricks for a more efficient home.

Shade Your House

Place deciduous trees such as oaks and maples on the south and west sides of the home. This will shade your house from harsh summer sunlight, so your space will stay naturally cool in the summer. These large flowering plants provide plenty of coverage in the summer months, but lose their leaves in autumn so warming sunlight can still stream through when it’s cold outside. Doing double duty, this planting is ideal for energy efficiency year-round.

Channel the Breeze

Summer breezes typically come from the south. Channel these toward your home with well-placed windbreaks to help things stay cool. Windbreaks on the north and northwest side of the home will protect you from harsh winter winds, keeping things cozy when it gets cold. These windbreaks can also keep snowdrifts away from the home when you plant dense shrubbery along the bottoms of the trees.

Shade Your Air Conditioner

Keep your air conditioning unit cool by placing it in the shade. Shaded areas are as much as 25 degrees cooler than those that are exposed to the sun. The simple act of planting a well-placed tree or constructing a shade structure over your air conditioner can ease the strain on this unit, lowering your utility bills. Make sure anything you plant is at least two feet away from the unit so air can circulate freely.

Combine these handy landscaping tips with regular AC maintenance and you can keep your home operating at peak efficiency all season long. If you’re overdue for a tuneup, call Griffith Energy Services today to make an appointment. You can reach our technicians at 888-474-3391.

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