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No matter how productive you are at work, sometimes your work follows you from your high-rise office in Baltimore, Maryland, to your home. Working from home has its own challenges, but you can take steps to ensure that you are just as productive at home as you would be at the office.


At your office, you likely have things arranged and organized in such a way that will maximize your productivity. Your office is tailored to you and your home can be the same. Working from home will even allow you to tailor your workspace more specifically for you, without as many restrictions as you would face at the office.

One thing you may not be able to control at your office is temperature. Working in a space that is either too hot or too cold for you can be distracting and cause you to lose focus on your work. A study by Cornell University observed that temperatures of 68 degrees or lower actually caused workers to make more errors. According to the study, when the temperature was between 68 and 77 degrees, errors decreased by 44 percent and typing output increased by a whopping 155 percent. With the help of your HVAC system, you’re in control of your temperature and productivity.

Air Quality

Not only will temperature have a significant effect on your productivity, but so will the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home. Neglecting to keep up on routine maintenance of your HVAC system can cause dirt, mold, or other allergens to be dispersed in your home. Bad air quality can cause anything from headaches and allergic reactions to physical and mental fatigue, and of course a cold. All of these symptoms will have a negative effect on your productivity.

When it comes down to it, you are in control of your work rate. While working at home, remember that your HVAC system can have a positive influence on your productivity. For more questions about HVAC systems or to have maintenance conducted to improve your air quality, contact us online or call us at 888-474-3391.

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