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Comfort is a delicate thing. One minute, you could be perfectly cool, cozy, and content; the next minute, your back suddenly hurts, you’re starting to sweat, and the room feels stuffy. Summer in Columbia, Maryland, brings the challenge of maintaining that delicate comfort balance in the face of the heat and moisture. With temperatures in the 90s, humidity can be your friend or foe. The key to maintaining a healthy and comfortable home is to balance the level of humidity in your air.

How does Humidity Affect Comfort?

Every season brings unique humidity challenges. Too much humidity can actually make the air feel warmer than it is, while too little humidity makes the air feel cooler. Not only does that affect your comfort, but it can also add strain to your HVAC system, which makes it more difficult for your AC to keep your home perfectly cozy.

What’s an Optimum Humidity Level?

Humidity is measured by something called a “relative humidity level,” which is a percentage of the water vapor in your air at a particular temperature. The ideal range for relative humidity levels sits between 40 percent and 60 percent. That means that no matter what the temperature, it’s best for the air to hold about half its capacity of moisture.

How can I Reach Optimum Humidity Levels?

During the summer, you probably experience more humidity than in other seasons. To avoid discomfort and potential mold growth, you can have a whole-home dehumidifier installed. This attaches to your HVAC system and draws moisture out of your airflow as your home’s air cycles through the system.

Ventilation is another key to reducing humidity. Especially in bathrooms, where warm moisture can cause mold to grow anytime during the year, always make sure there is proper ventilation to maintain airflow and keep humidity levels from rising.

While many factors can keep you from comfort, the humidity in your home is one of the most significant, so use it to your advantage. Let us help you balance your humidity. Call Griffith Energy Services today at 888-474-3391.

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