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Imagine this scenario: Your Dover, Delaware, home has stunk for a month. Despite opening windows, lighting candles, and cleaning your living space, the odor just won’t go away. Stale air may be the culprit, and that bad smell may be a symptom of low indoor air quality. Improve your air quality by installing a whole-home ventilator to bring in fresh air without all the baggage.

What Is a Whole-Home Ventilator?

A whole-home ventilator works with your HVAC system to remove stale air from your living space and replace it with fresh air. Similar to stagnant water, air can become stale when it’s not moving. That stale air is not only uncomfortable and smelly, but it also traps pollutants within your home. While you can certainly bring in fresh air through windows or open doors, you risk bringing in outside pollutants.

Whole-home ventilators ensure complete ventilation by exhausting interior air while simultaneously bringing in outside air. To guarantee that air is healthy, the ventilator filters that air as it enters the home. In order to maintain comfort, the ventilator also preconditions the air as it’s brought inside, and the energy-recovery ventilators we carry at Griffith also exchanges moisture to control humidity.

How Does a Whole-Home Ventilator Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Stale indoor air allows pollutants to thrive. Many homeowners seal their home as efficiently as possible. However, while that may cut utility costs, it also traps hazards within your living space. For example, while you may have recovered last week from that annoying cold, the bacteria is still circulating through your home if you’re not ventilating your air. Whole-home ventilation makes sure that these pollutants leave your home and only fresh, clean air enters.

In addition to improving indoor air quality, whole-home ventilators improve comfort, and energy-recovery ventilators cut energy waste and can reduce utility bills.

Don’t let stale air keep your indoor air quality down any longer. To have a whole-home ventilator installed, call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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