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You know that your air conditioner needs refrigerant to cool your Dover, DE home. But what happens if the level is a little low and it’s getting warm outside? Discover if running your AC with low refrigerant is bad, why it might be damaging, and the best way to know when it’s a problem below.

Running on Low

If you want the quick and easy answer, you should never run your air conditioner when it’s low on refrigerant. Now, stick around to understand what happens if you unknowingly let your AC continue running with this problem.

Less Cooling Power

Your air conditioner depends on the refrigerant to absorb heat from within your home and transfer it outside. The system cannot build the proper pressure in the outside coils when there’s too little refrigerant. The result is less cooling power, quickly increasing your cooling costs.

Risk to Your Compressor

The compressor is a critical component of your system, tasked with compressing the refrigerant to raise the pressure. When there’s not enough refrigerant, it’s like a water pump sucking air rather than water, eventually burning out the pump. If that happens, you’re not just looking at an AC repair but likely a new system.

Freezing Your Indoor Coil

Too little refrigerant also risks freezing the evaporator coil inside your home. The first problem with a frozen coil is the airflow restriction it causes, preventing air from circulating back out. The second problem is the water it creates once the ice melts, risking further damage around your AC.

Best Way to Detect Low Refrigerant

There are several symptoms of low refrigerant, but it’s likely already caused damage by the time you notice there’s even a problem. The best way to ensure your system has enough refrigerant is by getting routine maintenance done every year.

Don’t ruin your air conditioner by running it with low refrigerant. Call to schedule your AC maintenance appointment with the expert service technicians at Griffith Energy Services today.

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