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Today’s focus on reducing energy consumption has resulted in homes that are more tightly sealed and well-insulated than ever before. Unfortunately, a home that’s sealed up against the elements often has inadequate air flow. Adding exhaust fans can solve this problem, and help you breath easier. These mechanical ventilation devices draw stale air outside, so fresh air can enter your living environment.

Benefits of Home Ventilation Fans

Better indoor air quality. Ventilation rids your home of pollutants such as harmful combustion gases, pet dander, cleaning chemicals, pesticides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), asbestos, lead, smoke and grease. Poor indoor air quality can cause allergies, asthma and other breathing difficulties, nose bleeds, headaches, nausea, and life-threatening carbon monoxide poisoning.

Effective moisture control. Moisture from bathing, cooking and respiration that’s trapped in your home can promote the growth of molds and mildew, and cause serious health issues. Excess moisture also can damage your furniture and belongings, put added strain on your HVAC equipment, and gradually decay the structure itself.

Types of Ventilation Fans

There are several different types of exhaust fans to choose from:

  • Ceiling-mount fans. This is the type of ventilation typically found in bathrooms. They’re installed in the ceiling and attached to ducting that exhausts air through an exterior vent.
  • Inline fans. These fans are installed right in a duct run, rather than in a ceiling. They’re much less noisy than other fan types, and can be used to push air from one or multiple locations.
  • Combination fans. These are ceiling-mounted units that combine ventilation with lighting or a heat source.
  • Wall-mount fans. Mounted on an exterior wall, these fans have direct access to the outdoors, which eliminates the need for ducting entirely.
  • Range fans. Kitchen range hood fans help remove moisture and odors from the cooking area.
  • Exterior-mounted fans. These units are installed on a home’s exterior to pull stale air from the interior. Because of their location, the noise they create typically won’t bother a home’s occupants.

To learn more about keeping your Maryland home moisture- and odor-free with exhaust fans, contact us at Griffith Energy Services, Inc.

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