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Most homeowners want to keep their energy bills as low as possible, and while they stay on top of the obvious tasks, they often miss potential energy waste from ductwork. Ductwork often leaks over time, and because it’s not easy to inspect, it’s hard to notice any problems.

Sealing Ductwork

In order to stop air leaks and save money, you need to either repair or replace the ductwork. If you can find the leaks yourself, you may be able to fix them by covering them with mastic or metal tape. For most problems, however, you’ll need to bring in an HVAC professional.

How an HVAC Contractor Will Fix Ductwork

When you hire a heating and cooling professional, you remove any guess work from the procedure. Most contractors have a lot of experience with ductwork and will be able to identify and fix any related issues quickly. You can expect a contractor to perform the following steps:

  • Inspect – First the technician will look at your entire ductwork system for any problems.
  • Evaluation – Next he or she will quantify the extent of any damage or leaks by checking the supply and return air balance.
  • Repair – If there are any other issues beside leaks, your contractor will repair them when possible or replace the damaged ductwork.
  • Seal – For those pesky air leaks, your contractor will use either metal tape, mastic or a sealant to eliminate them. If your vents are leaking, he or she will seal them as well.
  • Filter – Most contractors will also put a new air filter in the HVAC system.
  • Re-test – Once again your contractor will test the air flow and determine if all issues have been corrected. Most will also perform additional safety tests.

Try to record energy usage before and after the repairs have been made. This gives you an additional level of assurance that sealing ductwork will save you money.

If you need professional assistance for your home in Baltimore or the surrounding areas, contact us at Griffith Energy Services, Inc. We offer a variety of services and have been helping homeowners for over a century.

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