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Air conditioning can be extremely important for your continued comfort in the area surrounding Dover, Delaware, but basic HVAC systems do not always provide the greatest quality of air and the most economical use of electricity. Fortunately, several innovative AC add-ons and HVAC accessories, such as indoor air quality (IAQ) products, are available at affordable prices. Three of the most useful of these AC add-ons include programmable thermostats, advanced filtration systems and HVAC accessories for the eradication of mold and bacteria.

Programmable Thermostats

One of the best accessories you can buy for your air conditioning system is a programmable thermostat because, when used properly, it could pay for itself within the first year after installation. Programmable thermostats allow you to control your air conditioning and heating according to your personal schedule. You will have to decide on one of three models based on your specific preferences and lifestyle:

  • 5-1-1 thermostats – These thermostats allow you to program one setting for weekdays and a different setting for each day of the weekend.
  • 5+2 thermostats – These models let you keep one schedule for weekdays and one schedule for weekends.
  • Daily thermostats – Also known as seven-day thermostats, these models allow you to set a different schedule for each day of the week.

Advanced Filtration HVAC Accessories

Among the most important IAQ products that you can purchase for your air conditioner is an advanced filtration system. These systems filter the air as it passes through the air conditioner to clean any impurities. Currently, two types of advanced systems are recommended by HVAC experts: permanent electrostatic filters and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

Permanent electrostatic filters never have to be changed. They only have to be cleaned on a regular basis. These filters carry an electric charge that attracts particulates from the air to keep them from circulating. HEPA filters consist of a frame and a fine mesh screen that traps very small particles that slip through standard filters. These filters are great for people who suffer from pollen and dust allergies.

AC Add-Ons for Mold and Bacteria Eradication

Another useful AC add-on is a mold and bacteria eradication system. As the cold refrigerant travels through the coils of an air conditioner, it produces condensation, which makes the area around it very humid. This moisture creates an ideal environment for the growth of dangerous mold and bacteria. However, by installing a UV-C germicidal and fungicidal lamp, the mold spores are rendered inert and the bacteria is killed. Other options for mold and bacteria eradication include advanced oxidation systems and silver nano coatings.

Dover DE Air Conditioning Services

If you would like to improve the quality and economy of your HVAC system, or if you need expert air conditioning installation in the Dover area, contact Griffith Energy Services, Inc. today.

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