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Several triggers can cause an asthma attack, including mold, dust mites, animal dander, pollen, and odors from perfumes, air fresheners, and cleaning products. Asthma is the leading chronic illness in children, and many people of all ages suffer from it. If an allergy is triggered long enough, the person is more likely to develop an allergen-triggered case of asthma. You can reduce asthma symptoms for your family members by cleaning your Baltimore home regularly, adding a UV lamp, and using an air purifier.

Cleaning Regularly

After you find out which asthma triggers affect members of your household, you can reduce or eliminate them with regular cleaning. Vacuum at least once per week to get rid of dust, pollen, pet dander, and other contaminants. You should also get rid of carpeting that attracts dust and other allergens, especially in the bedrooms of people with asthma. To keep your home even cleaner, wash your bedding once per week and ask guests and family members to remove their shoes before they enter your home.

Adding a UV Lamp

A UV lamp can kill mold, bacteria, and even some viruses. Coil sterilization UV lights attach to the inside of your HVAC system’s air handler to prevent mold and extend your system’s life. More expensive air sterilization UV lights are available as well. You can install them in your return air duct, and they use less energy than coil sterilization lights because they switch on and off with the air handler.

Using an Air Purifier

UV lamps kill mold and keep it from growing, but they can’t remove existing mold spores from your home. An air purifier, also called an air cleaner, can remove any allergens or asthma triggers that your HVAC system’s air filter misses. Many air purifiers are compatible with programmable thermostats that let you know when you should change the filter.

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