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Maintaining an energy-efficient home is increasingly challenging in a world with new gadgets and electrical drains hitting the market every day. Keep a close eye on energy usage in your Cheverly, Maryland, home with a Marex Security system, packed with smart cost-saving perks.

Utilize Remote Home Control

Marex Security offers remote home monitoring that allows you to oversee nearly every aspect of your house. You can manage your home temperature to reduce energy use when you’re away. If you’re out of the house at an unusual time, this system lets you override your regular thermostat settings and set temperatures back so you’re not overpaying to heat or cool an empty house.

You can also monitor your lighting with Marex. See who’s leaving their lights on and snap them off whether you’re a room away or on the other side of town. These smart features ensure that you’re never paying for energy you don’t need.

Monitor Your Habits

Marex tracks your living habits over time so you can see when you typically turn the thermostat up or have all the lights on. Examining this data will give you valuable insights into how and when you’re using energy. Marex will suggest energy-saving solutions that will help you trim your expenses by making small adjustments to your everyday habits.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

With Marex, you’ll enjoy peace of mind both at home and when you’re gone. The professional 24/7 security monitoring and real-time alerts help you rest easy knowing your home and belongings are always safe. If you have loved ones at home who may need extra assistance, you can enable medical alerts and monitor their daily routines. This powerful combination of home automation and remote management give you the perfect level of control over energy use, security, and safety.

Are you looking to take control of energy use in your home? Contact Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391 to learn more about how the Marex Security system can improve your home.

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