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If your Cheverly, MD furnace is kicking on and off constantly in your home, that is known as short cycling, and it could be a warning sign of problems within the system. There are many different causes of short cycling. Here are a few to consider.

Oversized Furnace Unit

If your furnace is actually too big for your home, it will warm things to your desired temperature very quickly and then shut back off again. That often causes higher energy bills and more frequent maintenance calls. You can also have uneven heating and suffer from cold spots in your home if this happens. It’s important to have a furnace that is just the right size for the home.

Old Air Filter

If you don’t remember to change your air filter, the dirt and debris buildup on it can cause the furnace to work harder. The entire system has to push air into the house with more force to get through the dirty filter. That puts stress on a variety of parts and can cause the unit to short cycle.

Dirty Parts

If you aren’t maintaining your furnace well, parts within it can get dirty, which can cause the unit to malfunction or short cycle. It won’t run efficiently or effectively when it’s not in prime condition.

Fighting Short Cycling

There are several simple ways to fight short cycling within your furnace so you can keep your home at the proper temperature without overrunning your HVAC system. First, change the air filters. It’s something simple you can put on your calendar so you don’t forget. Second, have an HVAC maintenance check and tuneup during the shoulder seasons so you can ensure that everything is in working order. If you notice short cycling occurring, have professionals come and take a look to get the necessary repairs done.

If you want to prevent short cycling, or fix it if it is already occurring, contact the professionals at Griffith Energy Services. We can repair furnaces in Cheverly, Maryland, homes, or run maintenance checks and tuneups whenever you need them.

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