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While fall brings relief from the heat of the Mid-Atlantic summer, it also brings the stress of trying to stay warm without spending too much money. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to stay comfortable without cranking up the thermostat. By maintaining healthy humidity, controlling your environment, and taking care of yourself, you can stay warm during Mid-Atlantic winters without burning through your paycheck.

Maintaining Humidity Levels

Believe it or not, the amount of moisture in the air affects how warm or cool it feels. In the fall and winter, there is always the risk of reduced humidity levels, which results in dry air that feels colder than it actually is. Feeling extra cold may prompt you to turn up the heat. To solve this issue, install a whole-home dehumidifier, which can keep your home between the healthy 40 and 60 percent relative humidity levels.

Controlling Your Environment

This step encompasses everything in your living space that you can control in order to stay warmer. For example, seal cracks around windows with fresh caulk to prevent drafts. If that still doesn’t keep cold air from getting in, put up some thick drapes that will catch the heat. During the day, let in the sunlight to give your home some natural warmth. Being aware of any place that warm air may be seeping out of your home will help you keep the heat where it belongs.

Taking Care of Yourself

The best way you can stay warm without turning up the heat is by taking care of yourself. Keeping yourself warm matters more than keeping your entire home at a toasty temperature. To keep yourself warm, eat warm food and drink warm beverages. Wear warm clothes or keep a blanket around you. Cozy up to a special someone. Don’t just depend on your heater to keep you warm, and you’ll save plenty of cash.

The fall and winter are seasons to enjoy relaxing with family and friends, not for fretting over money spent on just staying warm. For professional assistance in raising the efficiency of heating in your home, give Griffith Energy Services a call at 888-474-3391.

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