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Duct cleaning not only improves indoor air quality for homeowners throughout Baltimore, Maryland, but it also cuts energy bills. When you consider the amount of energy savings a duct cleaning offers, scheduling this essential service is a no-brainer. Here is a list of helpful things duct cleaning can do for your home.

Improves HVAC Effectiveness

Your home’s HVAC system is susceptible to debris and dust buildup, which can make it work harder than it needs to. Duct cleaning removes this buildup from both inside the duct and from other system components, helping them to run more efficiently. If you’ve noticed your HVAC system isn’t working as well as it once did, the problem could be as simple as dirty ducts.

Reduces the Need for Air Purification Products

Duct cleaning boosts your home’s indoor air quality by allowing the air to freely circulate throughout the home. While a whole-home air purifier, a UV lamp, or another purification product is a smart option for improving your home’s breathability, in many cases, a professional duct cleaning is the first step and least expensive option for improving indoor air quality. Before you splurge on air purification products, have an HVAC technician clean and inspect your ducts to be sure there isn’t another underlying issue.

Identifies Leaks

When a technician cleans your home’s ductwork, he can also identify any leaks or drafts in the system. Repairing these leaks makes your HVAC system more energy efficient, reducing your overall utility bills. This is because when the ductwork isn’t sealed properly, energy is constantly seeping out, and you’re still paying for all that wasted energy. When an HVAC contractor is able to assess your ductwork’s condition, he can spot issues and determine which solutions can best benefit your home.

Optimizing your HVAC system is always a smart investment, and getting your ducts cleaned is no exception. Contact Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391 to learn more about our duct-cleaning services. Our beneficial solutions will have you saving money on your energy costs in no time.

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