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You’re not alone if you think that air conditioning is one of the greatest inventions ever. And your appreciation may grow if you realize that you can stay cool but reduce the cost of this cooling wonder by thwarting summer heat buildup.

  1. First, attack the primary sources of heat buildup then pursue the secondary sources. Chief among the former are your roof, walls and windows:
  2. Consider applying a reflective spray coating to your roof. So effective is this remedy that is often marketed to RV owners. 
  3. Consider neutral colors on exterior walls.
  4. Install a reflective coating on your windows. Choose a “combination” film or one that also allows some light into a room. Some “sun-control” films are tinted and can noticeably darken a room.

After reflecting sunlight away from your home, you can block it by:

  1. Sealing cracks, holes and leaks in your home with caulk, insulation and weather stripping. Your attic is a prime source of heat gain, but don’t forget to make your doors and windows airtight. Check, seal and insulate your ductwork, too.
  2. Shading your home with trees. While they grow into this important job, consider fast-growing vines and plants that crawl up trellises.
  3. Hanging exterior awnings and interior shades, especially on east and  west exposures. Keep them closed during the day when the sun is out.

Continue to help your central air conditioner run efficiently by:

  1. Installing a programmable thermostat so that your air conditioner runs only when people are home to enjoy it.
  2. Setting the temperature at 78 degrees or as high as is comfortable. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that for each degree above 72 degrees, you can save between 1 and 3 percent on your utility bill.
  3. Running ceiling fans to create a wind-chill factor.

Like you, the cooling experts at Griffith Energy Services, Inc., also think that air conditioning is one of the greatest inventions ever. We also know that every home is different, so for other ways to reduce summer heat buildup in your home call us today.

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