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You take pride in knowing all there is to know about your Easton, Maryland, home, so when something seems amiss, you want to check it out right away. Short cycling is a sign that your furnace needs some attention. In this article, you will learn what furnace short cycling is and what can cause it.

What Is Short Cycling?

Short cycling means that your furnace comes on, runs for a short period, and then turns off again. The cycle happens in such quick succession that the furnace does not stay on long enough to heat the room. In severe cases, the unit may not produce any heat at all while it’s running.

What Causes Short Cycling?

A few different things may cause short cycling.

  • If the furnace is bigger than your home needs, short cycling may result. The unit comes on, heats the space very quickly, and then turns off before all of the rooms are sufficiently heated.
  • Dirty air filters can also cause short cycling. When dirt and debris block the filters, air can’t flow as freely through them, reducing the efficiency of the furnace and causing the rapid cycle of turning on and off. Changing your filters can help avoid short cycling.
  • A malfunctioning thermostat or a thermostat in the wrong place can cause a furnace to short cycle, as well, by sending incorrect signals to the unit to come on or go off. Avoid placing a thermostat in direct sunlight or in the path of an external door that opens and closes often.
  • A corroded flame sensor may cause short cycling.
  • Rarely, a foreign object in your vent can cause short cycling.

Short cycling should not be ignored. It can raise your utility bills, and if you don’t address it promptly, it can cause significant damage to your furnace. Call Griffith Energy Services, and we’ll be glad to evaluate your furnace and give you some options for fixing or replacing it.

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