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There’s a lot to consider when upgrading the heating system in your home in Baltimore, Maryland, or deciding on options for a new house. High-efficiency heating systems will save you money on energy use and reduce your home’s emissions. Things to keep in mind are the fuel types that are available to you, the space needed for the system, and whether you need air conditioning.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps use the temperature in the air or the ground to heat and cool your home, and can be the most efficient type of heating system. The only operating energy is the electricity it takes to run. However geothermal heat pumps require burying loops in the ground or water, so they won’t work in houses without some land. Air-source heat pumps are able to fit in more locations but still need a spot for the unit outside.


Gas and oil furnaces have become much more energy-efficient in recent years and are an excellent option for many homes. You’ll want to check the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE numbers; 90 or above is highly efficient. Gas furnaces tend to be more energy-efficient than their oil counterparts, and natural gas is the cheapest fuel option in many areas.


Boilers are less common than the systems mentioned above, but in buildings that already have the infrastructure for them they can be the best option. Again, you’ll want to keep in mind the AFUE numbers and look for 90 or more. Boilers run on natural gas or oil, and either heat by distributing heated steam or water throughout pipes in the house. Hot water gas boilers are the most efficient type available, but remember to check fuel costs and keep existing infrastructures in mind when making your decisions.

The easiest way to find out which heating system best fits your home and meets your energy-efficiency needs is to consult your friendly local heating experts. Call to talk with a member of our team at Griffith Energy Services today.

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