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An oil or gas boiler can be an efficient way to heat your Cheverly, Maryland, home and keep it comfortable in cold weather. Boilers work differently than traditional furnaces, and using a boiler to heat your home prevents dry air and won’t spread dust like a forced air furnace. Discover why a boiler may be what your home needs to make you feel comfortable this winter.

How a Boiler Works

A boiler’s main parts include a burner, combustion chamber, and heat exchanger. A boiler heats your home by igniting fuel with the burner and moving that fuel to the combustion chamber. From this chamber, the heat becomes transferred to water in the heat exchanger.

The system then pumps hot water throughout your house through pipes and into radiators. This hot water transfers its heat to the rooms in your house and returns to the boiler, absorbs more heat, and recirculates through the pipes.

Advantages of a Boiler Heating System

Since a boiler circulates water and not air, dust and debris won’t spread through your home like they will with a forced air system. Besides spreading dust, a traditional furnace can dry out the air in your home. By using a boiler, you can keep humidity in the air, and minimize the effects of asthma irritation and nosebleeds.

Without a fan and air circulating through the vents, boilers are much quieter than traditional furnaces. The water in your radiators will keep your home warm long after your boiler stops heating your home. With a forced air system, your home cools quickly once the system stops heating.

How Efficient Are Boilers?

According to the U.S. Boiler Company, a gas boiler typically has an AFUE rating of 82 percent or higher. That number means that only 18 percent of the heat from your boiler goes to waste.

A high-efficiency condensing boiler, designed to capture waste heat, can have an AFUE rating as high as 95 percent, competitive with other heating systems on the market today.

At Griffith Energy Services, we install, repair, and maintain both gas and oil boilers in the Cheverly area. Call 888-474-3391 to find out more about boiler systems for your home as well as our convenient fuel delivery service.

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