Work can be hard enough. Sure, sometimes you look forward to tackling the next challenge and conquering the coming deadlines, but some days, you’d simply rather be at home in Columbia, Maryland, binge-watching Netflix. Whether it’s a good or bad day, work only gets harder when distractions are weighing down your productivity. The distractions you face may range from chatty neighbors to an uncomfortable office. If you work at home, the most significant distraction might be your kids or the list of the chores you’re reminded of every time you look up from your computer.

Distractions make you feel like you’re losing control of your day, but you can take back control with some simple ways to avoid workplace distractions.

Identify the Source

What distracts one individual won’t necessarily distract another. It may not bother you that your cubicle neighbors blather away for eight hours, but that flickering of the florescent light may drive you nuts. Before you move forward, you need to identify what it is that gets under your skin. Treating distractions is like treating an illness; you need to have an idea of the cause before you can prescribe medicine. Once you’ve narrowed down what’s taking your attention from your work, then you’re ready to experiment and see what productivity boosters work best for you.

Go to Your Happy Place

If you’re distracted by the noises of the office or the bustle of the kids, you need to create a workspace you can escape into — one free from distractions. At the office, this might be difficult. You can’t exactly pick up your desk and move it to the quietest corner of the building. However, you can still attempt to escape to your own mental space.

Listening to music is a great way to do this. Press play on some soothing instrumental music, or maybe you focus better with shredding guitars and cascading drums. Sometimes it also helps to get to work early and get yourself into the flow before your talkative co-workers arrive. You’ll be less likely to get distracted that way.

If you work from home, separate your workspace from the rest of the home. Set aside a corner of the kitchen or an entire room, but only use that space for work. Have someone watch your kids or make it very clear to them that when you enter this designated area, you’re going to work. Not only does having a designated workspace help you organizationally, but it also puts you in a mental place to begin working.

Pull the Plug

Next, pull the plug — not on your computer; you need that. However, you may need to pull the plug on other electronics that distract you. Email, social media, and your cell phone can tempt you throughout the day, offering respite from the challenges of work at the cost of productivity. When you get to work, turn off your cell phone, or at least put it on silent and keep it in a drawer at your desk. If the internet isn’t required to do your work, turn off the Wi-Fi on your computer or disable the internet app, making it less tempting to escape into the solace of your feed.

Get Comfortable

Maybe your distraction has everything to do with discomfort in the workplace. You finally get into a focused groove, but then it’s too hot. You’re sweating. Alternatively, maybe it’s so cold that your teeth are chattering in rhythm with your typing. A study from Cornell University reveals an undeniable connection between productivity and the temperature of your office. At 77 degrees Fahrenheit, employees made fewer mistakes and improved their productivity.

To ensure that your office or home office remains a consistent temperature, install a programmable thermostat. Did you install one and your HVAC system still seems to be unable to keep it cozy? It’s probably time for some HVAC maintenance.

This job could be the next great step in your career, so don’t let distractions get in the way of your success. To reduce discomfort distractions, schedule HVAC maintenance by calling Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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