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While you may believe that your current HVAC system is adequately servicing your Charles Town, WV home, you can add more components to help it do more. Below are five common HVAC add-ons that can improve comfort and efficiency.

1. Programmable/Smart Thermostat

Firstly, installing a programmable or smart thermostat can make your HVAC system more efficient. You can set it to turn on when you go to bed or leave the house. You can also set it to begin warming your house right before you get home from work.

Scheduling your preferences saves energy and improves your system’s efficiency. Additionally, a Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat allows you to make these changes remotely using a smartphone or computer.

Another advantage of these components is that they can also remind you to schedule HVAC maintenance or make changes like cleaning or replacing the air filters. Some modern thermostats have advanced features that help manage humidity and indoor air quality, too.

2. Air Purifiers

Your HVAC system maintains a clean environment by filtering out various pollutants like dust and pet dander. However, standard air filters may not trap all allergens and contaminants. As a result, you and your family members are likely to experience seasonal allergies or respiratory problems.

You can prevent these health issues by installing a whole-home air purifier. This system will make your home cleaner and fresher by neutralizing odors and trapping smaller allergens. Air purifiers also eliminate common pathogens to keep you and your family healthy.

Additional benefits include reducing your system’s workload, improving efficiency, and lengthening its lifespan. Improving indoor air quality also improves your quality of sleep, not to mention productivity levels for those who work from home.

3. Humidifiers

The dry air during fall and winter can cause discomfort in your environment. It can also trigger seasonal allergies and respiratory issues like coughing and sneezing.

Supplementing your HVAC system with a humidifier can help to relieve these symptoms by balancing the humidity levels in your home. They can also save on energy costs because humid air retains heat better.

4. Zoning Systems

A zoned HVAC utilizes manual or automatic dampers in the ductwork to distribute air within different sections of your home. You can use programmable thermostats to control automatic dampers and open or close them depending on the amount of heat required in a particular zone.

An HVAC zoning system allows you to create customized temperature zones based on your schedule and heating preferences. This process will make your home more comfortable and efficient.

However, not all homes would benefit from a zoned HVAC system. If you live in a multi-story home or your existing home has several large windows, those are two cases where the above system would make sense. If you’re still unsure, seek advice from a knowledgeable HVAC company.

5. Ductless System

You can invest in a ductless HVAC system to improve your home’s comfort. A ductless mini-split has an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor air-handling unit linked with electrical wiring and refrigerant tubing.

The indoor unit supplies heated and cooled air into your living space. During installation, a service technician will strategically position the compressor unit to control noise.

Many homeowners prefer mini-splits because of their flexibility for zoning. Some models feature an outdoor compressor that can fire up multiple indoor air-handling units. This means that you can install each unit in different sections of your house and control the temperature independently.

Ductless systems prevent energy losses related to the regular ductwork of a central AC. They also feature multi-stage filtration that reduces the number of pollutants that invade your home. Improving indoor air quality will protect you from seasonal allergies and improve your sleep quality.

In summary, adding new features to your HVAC system will enable it to run more smoothly and efficiently throughout the year. However, not all of the above add-ons will suit your indoor comfort needs. That’s where Griffith Energy Services comes in. If you’re planning to upgrade your heating and cooling system, give our experts a call. We’ll take the time to evaluate your home and help you determine comfort solutions ideal for the entire family.

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