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There are several types of boilers from which Columbia, Maryland, homeowners can choose when considering heating solutions. When making practical choices to improve your home’s efficiency, it’s important to know your boiler options so you can enjoy the maximum amount of energy efficiency.

Boiler Basics

Boilers are likened to home engines; they provide the heat necessary to warm your space, and the boiler size that you need depends on the size of your home. When your boiler is too big, you’ll be stuck with excessive fuel bills. If it’s too small, it simply won’t generate enough heat to keep your family comfortable in the winter.

Essentially, there are two main types of boilers: fire-tube and water-tube. Boilers can be made of steel, cast aluminum, or cast iron, and they can be broken down into many classifications. For instance, fire-tube and water-tube boilers are further classified into high-pressure, low-pressure, hot water, or steam subcategories, which can make shopping for a boiler confusing.

Fire-Tube Boilers

Fire-tube boilers are non-condensing and are offered in high- or low-pressure steam or hot water options. These boilers are designed with a furnace, tubes, and the vessel that houses the water and steam. New fire-tube boilers are designed to substantially increase energy efficiency and reduce boiler footprint, making them ideal solutions for energy-conscious homeowners.

Water-Tube Boilers

The water-tube boiler design typically produces hot water or steam for commercial facilities. This is because it’s better suited to large steam users such as those found in industrial applications. It can, however, be used for comfort heating depending on the need. For the average homeowner, though, fire-tube boilers are more affordable, more compact, and easier to clean.

Regular Boilers

For homeowners, regular boilers, also known as heat-only, conventional, or traditional boilers, are a good choice. This type of boiler requires a cold-water storage tank that feeds hot water through its system and maintains the central heating system water level. Regular boilers are perfect for homeowners looking to replace an older radiator system or other existing boiler.

Regular boilers are also great in homes with two or more bathrooms or in areas where water pressure is low. They’re compatible with solar water heating systems and are great for families that use a lot of hot water.

System Boilers

Just like regular boilers, system boilers require a cylinder that can store hot water, but the boiler’s hot water and heating components are built into the boiler itself, which makes a system boiler easy to install. Since system boilers are also compatible with solar systems, they can help provide lower energy costs and other environmental benefits.

System boilers work best in homes with more than one bathroom, that require a constant supply of hot water to several taps simultaneously. They free up space by not requiring a loft tank, and you never have to worry about frost damage or leaks. They’re also economical to run.

Combination Boilers

A “combi” boiler is a highly efficient water heater and a central heating boiler combined, hence the name. A combi boiler heats water directly, so it doesn’t need a water storage facility. Thanks to its compact size, a combi boiler is great for smaller homes or in houses that don’t have the space for extra pipework. They’re also easy to maintain.

Since combination boilers can heat water directly from the tap, you won’t experience any reduced water pressure and can enjoy a nice shower without needing a separate pump.

Ensuring the Right Boiler is Installed

At Griffith Energy Services, we employ NATE-Certified installers that are experts in personalizing your individual boiler installation. Whether you already know you want a stainless steel, cast iron, or cast aluminum heat exchanger, or you need an expert opinion to help you narrow down your options, we’re happy to help! Also, our heat exchangers are warrantied for up to 20 years, and our parts for up to 10 years.

Don’t wait to take care of your home’s heating needs. Ensure you and your family are comfortable this winter by calling Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391 for your boiler installation or replacement.

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