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carrier heating and air systemsThe Carrier brand is synonymous with home comfort. Carrier heating and air conditioning systems are found in millions of homes because of more than a century of A/C innovation, reliability and quality that backs up the Carrier brand. The founder of Carrier Corporation, Willis Carrier, is widely known as the father of air conditioning. After graduating from Cornell University with a master’s degree in engineering, he received his first patent for the device, then called an “Apparatus for Treating Air” (US Patent No. 808897) in 1906.

Carrier Air Conditioning Boosted Early Factory Production

The Carrier Engineering Corporation was founded in 1915. The company’s air conditioning and refrigeration developments have helped to revolutionize many industries. The first air conditioning system was installed in a New York printing plant. The A/C system effectively controlled temperature and humidity, which had been a great hindrance to the printing process. The air conditioner helped many more industries to grow and flourish, helping manufacturers to control the temperature/humidity level during production and manufacturing. Industries that took off (or were greatly improved) with the help of A/C include film, textiles such as cotton, medication capsules, tobacco and many more.

Air Conditioning for Public Spaces and Homes

It wasn’t until 1924 that cooling began to be used for people’s comfort rather than industrial needs. “Manufactured weather” was used, at first, in public places like department stores and banks. The U.S. Supreme Court got air conditioning sometime around 1930, and Carrier was on its way to becoming “weathermaker to the world.” In the 1950s, air conditioners began to be marketed for residential use. Carrier heating and air conditioning systems technology has continued to improve all the way through the present day.

Carrier Environmental Awareness and Innovation

Along with Carrier heating and air conditioning systems, the company is committed to greenhouse gas reduction, the phase-out of harmful refrigerants, and energy efficiency advancements. The company is working to develop sustainable “green” building solutions for higher levels of energy efficiency and environmental benefit. Carrier is also dedicated to educating HVAC contractors and other professionals about green energy. The company has established Carrier University, including an Institute for Sustainability, that offers at least 50 professional development and continuing education courses on green energy and energy efficiency. Technical training graduates, employees, HVAC contractors and dealers around the world, are awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Professional Credentials. Carrier is the largest LEED education provider for the U.S. Green Building Council® (USGBC).

Home Comfort Equipment

The Carrier company now produces central air conditioning, heat pumps, packaged A/C units, room air conditioners, thermostats, air handlers, ductless mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners, boilers, furnaces and air cleaning equipment. Carrier’s range of air quality solutions includes humidifiers, ultraviolet (UV) lamps, air filtration and more. There are now more than 20,000 Carrier HVAC dealers in the North American market. Other familiar brand names under the Carrier umbrella include Bryant, Payne, International Comfort Products and many more.

Carrier Residential Air Conditioning

Carrier produces residential central air conditioning systems in three series: Infinity, Performance and Comfort. Each series includes packaged units and split systems. All use non-ozone depleting Puron® refrigerant.

Infinity Series systems are the most fully featured, quietest A/C systems and offer the highest level of efficiency. Initial purchase prices are higher for the five Infinity models (four models plus a coastal-specific, salt-air option). but operating costs are much lower due to efficient design – for long-term savings. The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) for Infinity models fall in the high-efficiency tier, ranging from 16 and to 21. All are Energy Star-qualified as highly efficient by the U.S. Department of Energy. Sound levels are very low for the Infinity series, ranging from 56 to 67 decibels. All Infinity A/C systems offer compressor “sound blanket” construction to quiet the most active part of the system, installed outdoors. Compressor options include variable speed with five stages, which allows it to step down to 25 percent of capacity and then cycle up if needed.

This high-end home comfort system is whisper quiet with the best humidity control and most consistent temperature control. Also offered are two-speed and single-speed scroll compressors. Single-speed systems can operate quite efficiently here in the Baltimore, Dover and entire Mid-Atlantic Region, with our relatively mild summers. For coastal residents, the coastal model offers superior seacoast corrosion protection.

The four models of the Performance Series range from 15 to 17.7 SEER with sound levels of 68 to 74 decibels. Still very efficient and quiet, this series is moderately priced. Select sizes are Energy Star-qualified and compressors are either single-stage or two-stage. The Performance Series offers reliable, money-saving cooling for your Baltimore-area home.

The Comfort Series offers three models (two models and one coastal-specific, salt-air model) from 13.2 to 16.5 SEER. Select sizes are Energy Star-qualified, and all use single-speed compressors. Sound levels range form 72 to 76 db. The Comfort Series is a budget-friendly purchase and still likely to cut your monthly utility bills. These models can run quieter than a typical blow dryer,


Carrier offers boilers for radiant heating, in the Performance and Comfort Series with oil and gas-fueled designs. Efficiency ranges from 78 to 90 AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). These quiet boilers transfer energy via a heat exchanger with water as the typical heat distribution method. Each boiler uses a single-stage gas valve and heated surface or electronic spark ignition.

Carrier Ductless Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Ductless mini-split Carrier heating and air conditioning systems bring comfort to homes without ductwork. Ductless units are quiet and very efficient, and the indoor air-handling unit can be installed out of the way, for instance, high on a wall. A conduit connects (sometimes several) indoor air handlers with an outdoor condenser/compressor. Ductless systems can provide air conditioning only, or you can choose a heat pump for year-round comfort, with both heating and cooling.

Carrier heating and air conditioning systems now include Carrier/Toshiba heat pumps that offer winter heating and summer cooling – or you can choose a ductless A/C only. Sound levels range from 24 to 31 db for extremely quiet operation. The high-end series, a collaboration with Toshiba, offers impressive energy-efficiency ratings of up to 23 SEER. In a heat pump system, you can get excellent efficiency ratings of up to 10.0 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor).

Performance Series units offer energy efficiency ratings of up to 16 SEER and quiet operation, as low as 24 db. These units help with dehumidification and offer multi-speed fans and wireless remote controls for these high-on-the-wall units..

The Comfort Series is an economical choice whether you select the air conditioner or heat pump. Homeowners can expect solid energy efficiency up to 13 SEER and remarkably quiet operation. This series features a three-speed fan.

Gas or Oil Furnaces

The Infinity with GreenSpeed Intelligence reaches an incredible 98.5 percent AFUE, earning Energy Star’s Most Efficient qualification. Greenspeed Intelligence automatically adjusts heat output to exact building requirements. The Infinity Series offers two more models with 80 and 96.7 percent AFUE ratings. Both condensing and non-condensing models are offered, with variable-speed blowers and two-stage gas valves for quiet efficiency. The Performance Series offers a choice of 96, 90 or 80 percent AFUE models. Furnaces use single or multi-speed blowers, modulating gas valves and insulated cabinets for efficiency.

Carrier Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Homes are better sealed and insulated these days, which adds to the efficiency of your HVAC equipment. However, this also can lead to poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Carrier products improve IAQ in a variety of ways, through filtration, humidification and ventilation.

Humidifiers: Low humidity levels (overly dry air) keep contaminants floating in the air where they can be unhealthy. Sinus problems or respiratory conditions can result or worsen. When used with Carrier heating and air conditioning systems, the fan-powered humidifiers add moisture to the indoor air, usually during the long Mid-Atlantic cooling season. Use with an Infinity control thermostat for automated maintenance alerts.

Air Cleaners: Carrier’s air cleaners offer particulate capture ratings from MERV 10 to 15. Air cleaners remove many types of airborne contaminants including pollen, dust, dander, mold and more. The Infinity Series filters out 95 percent of particulates as small as .3 microns, and filters the air up to eight times per hour.

UV Germicidal Lighting: Evaporator coil condensation can lead to mold and mildew inside HVAC equipment. Carrier’s UV lamps (single or dual bulb type) retard microbial growth in the drain pan and on the coil. They also can be installed to treat air as it flows through forced-air ductwork.

Ventilation: By regularly exchanging stale air with fresh outdoor air, mechanical, whole-house ventilation works quietly to maintain proper airflow levels and keep indoor air fresh. When used along with Carrier heating and air conditioning systems, whole-house ventilators pre-condition the incoming air to match the temperature of the living area. Carrier ERVs (energy recovery ventilators) are used in humid climates and HRVs (heat recovery ventilators) for colder climates.

Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning Systems: Innovation Continues

Carrier remains committed to engineering home comfort systems that are energy efficient, eco-friendly and reliable. At Griffith Energy Services, Inc., we’re here to assist Mid-Atlantic Region homeowners with any HVAC problem, including repairs, maintenance, installation or system design. If you have questions about Carrier or other HVAC equipment, just contact us.

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