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Every year, the spring season brings with it warmer temperatures as well as allergies. Both airborne contaminants and your home’s indoor temperature play a role in your overall indoor air quality. Keep reading to learn more about the connection between your indoor air quality and thermostat in Baltimore, MD.

Importance of Temperature Control

Springtime is full of pollutants and particles that stick to your clothes and pets and get into your home through your windows and doors. Many types of contaminants related to blooming plants and busy insects thrive in warmer weather. This means that as the spring transitions into summer, there’s more visible pollution in the air around and inside your home.

Even if you keep your windows closed, your IAQ can still drop if you have an outdated or uncalibrated thermostat. Improper thermostat use can lead to increased humidity, which fosters the growth of biologic particulates in your basement and ductwork. You could even be inadvertently spreading pollution by misusing the fan settings.

Your AC system’s filters will naturally pull dirt and dust that would otherwise slowly lower your air quality over time. If you neglect to clean or replace these filters, your air conditioner will circulate dirty air around the home. Even if you routinely schedule expert cooling maintenance, it’s essential to recognize the importance of a well-functioning thermostat.

An outdated thermostat won’t be able to accurately or efficiently communicate with your AC unit. It may reduce your system’s ability to filter or affect its cooling capacity.

Signs of Poor Air Quality

A dirty, damaged or malfunctioning thermostat will negatively impact both your home’s air quality and its energy efficiency. Instead of lowering humidity levels, it may instead allow condensation to form on your windows or vents. Your paint or wallpaper could start fading, peeling or developing bubbles and cracks.

More dust, dirt and hair will collect on your tables, shelves, fan blades and around the corners of your rooms. It’ll become harder to keep your home clean even if you regularly vacuum. The increased grime is often accompanied by unpleasant, lingering odors that are more noticeable when your AC unit kicks on.

On top of the home issues, poor seasonal air quality will also cause increased allergy symptoms and respiratory distress. You may experience persistent dryness in your throat, eyes or nasal passages. Other common health symptoms include coughing, headaches, fatigue, trouble sleeping and sneezing.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Keeping your air quality healthy may require several different systems and controls like dehumidifiers, air purifiers and ventilation systems. Managing all of these units separately can feel impossible when you’re already balancing a busy schedule. A smart thermostat combines these controls into a single interface.

You’ll be able to more accurately change your settings for your zoning, air purification and heating and cooling systems. Many modern thermostats even come with smartphone apps and digital options you can access when you’re at work or running errands. Integration-friendly devices allow you to seamlessly connect all your essential systems and devices to achieve convenient total home automation.

Smart thermostats will also adjust your air conditioning usage depending on the weather, your schedule and who’s inside. They’ll help you better manage your energy bills and humidity levels. These devices can even provide recommendations and reminders for filter changes and service appointments.

By programming your unique settings, you could have your thermostat turn on both your AC system and ventilation system with a simple voice command. With their various high-tech sensors and internet access, your programmable thermostat can streamline all essential aspects of your indoor environment. Smart thermostats are the best way to guarantee healthier and cleaner air all yearlong.

Your thermostat can make a huge difference in how you control your air quality and air conditioning usage. Upgrading to a new and improved device will provide years of effortless and efficient indoor climate control. Call Griffith Energy Services, Inc. today to schedule your indoor air quality consultation and installation of a programmable thermostat in Baltimore, MD.

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