Winter is just a few months away, but you should check your oil furnace system now as cold temperatures start arriving in fall. Use this fall oil furnace checklist to be sure your oil furnace will be in top shape for the heating season. Early inspection of your Ocean City, Maryland, home heating system will ensure that your furnace is running smoothly. It is also an opportunity to spot potential maintenance issues and saves you from needing emergency service when it’s freezing outside.

Check Your Heating Equipment

The first thing to do is to check that your oil furnace equipment is in peak shape with no visible damage or signs of leaks. Visually inspect all pipes leading to and from your furnace and oil storage tank. Once you have confirmed that everything is in good shape, check the oil level in your heating oil tank. When the oil level falls too low, sludge begins to develop in the tank, which can later clog your fuel line, filters, and other equipment.

If the oil level is less than one-quarter of the tank’s capacity, order a refill before winter arrives. You want to be prepared and avoid the inconvenience of facing cold temperatures while you wait for refueling. You can also set up an automatic oil delivery service for greater peace of mind.

Check Your Vents and Filters

If your home has floor vents, be sure they are unobstructed by furniture, rugs, or other household objects. Also, check and replace your air filter if it is dirty. A clogged filter will affect the efficiency of your oil furnace. The ventilation and filtration components are the lungs of your HVAC system. Keep them clean to breathe clean air and to prevent your heating system from working overtime to keep the heat flowing.

In addition to air filter replacements, be sure to invest in duct cleaning. The buildup of dirt in ducts and filters can affect the performance of your oil furnace and lead to costly repairs. A little maintenance goes a long way in keeping your home warm and energy efficient.

Check Windows and Doors

Inspect around windows and doors for drafts. More than 20 percent of your home’s heat can escape through your windows and doors. So make sure the windows and doors have proper weather stripping and other insulation. Double-pane windows are also an excellent investment in your home’s energy efficiency.

Clean Up Your Basement

If your basement is starting to accumulate dust and other debris, be sure to tidy up. Any buildup of dust and dirt will eventually make its way into your HVAC system. Contaminants in the system will cause your furnace to work harder, which uses extra energy over time and increases heating costs. The additional wear and tear will eventually lead to a breakdown.

Do a Test Run

Even if it’s not yet cold, test your heating system so you can get ahead of problems. An early check will also ensure your oil furnace will be ready for winter. You avoid surprises and reduce the need for emergency repairs by being prepared. For added assurance, it’s a good idea to have us check your furnace.

Schedule Professional Inspection and Maintenance

We offer Bronze and Gold level maintenance agreements which include professional oil furnace and heating system inspection and tuneups. Oil furnaces, in particular, need regular inspection and proper maintenance to function efficiently. As your oil furnace ages, dirt, deposits, or sludge can clog atomizer jets. This will significantly reduce furnace efficiency over time and lead to increased heating costs.

So with a little foresight, some autumn house cleaning, and a careful inspection of your heating system, you’ll be ready for whatever Jack Frost throws your way this winter. Schedule your professional oil furnace inspection today by calling Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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