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You turn off lights when you leave a room and you habitually unplug your electronics, but your energy bills from the city of Baltimore, Maryland, continue to climb. That rise in energy cost may be related to your air conditioner. Identify and address these three AC-related causes of high energy bills, and you’ll both reduce your energy bills and build a more comfortable home.

Neglecting Air Conditioner Maintenance

Few things will cause your energy bills to rise more than AC problems. The strain caused by both minor and severe issues will force the system to work harder, draw more energy, and consequently drive up your utility costs. If you’re neglecting the professional maintenance that can catch these issues early, then you’re inadvertently increasing your own energy expenses. With regular HVAC maintenance, our technicians will identify and resolve the problems that could cost you down the road.

Inefficiently Using Your Air Conditioner

The harder you push your system, the more your energy bills will rise. We know that it’s tempting to turn down the temperature and let your AC turn the home into a crisp, spring morning. Unfortunately, the further your thermostat setting is from the outdoor temperature, the harder your system will work to meet your comfort demands. Keep your thermostat around 77 degrees Fahrenheit while you’re home and closer to 80 when you’re away.

Ignoring Air Leaks

Air leaks can become another cause of high utility bills because of the strain they place on your air conditioner. Air leaks allow the air your unit has conditioned to escape and for unconditioned air to enter your home. That heat transfer forces your system to work harder and ends up increasing your energy bills. Keep your air where it belongs by placing weatherstripping around your door and fresh caulk around cracked window edges.

Cut off these three AC-related causes of high energy bills to enjoy a more comfortable home and a more balanced budget. To improve your AC efficiency with professional maintenance, call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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