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When you’re a Baltimore, Maryland, homeowner on a budget, paying for something like HVAC maintenance can add to your stress, but you can mitigate that anxiety by guaranteeing you get the most out of that maintenance appointment. After all, professional HVAC maintenance isn’t the end of HVAC care. Use these three strategies between maintenance appointments to guarantee you spend less and your system receives the care it needs.

Improve Your Heating and Cooling Habits

Your HVAC technician could come and repair your system every week, and that still wouldn’t make up for the heating and cooling habits you can use to care for your unit. The harder you push your unit, the more your system will be damaged, the more maintenance your technician will need to complete, and the more you’ll end up spending. Instead of pushing your AC to keep your home at 60 degrees during the spring and summer, keep it closer to the outdoor temperature, ideally around 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clean Around Your System

While you should never clean the interior of your HVAC system (leave that to your technician), you can improve your system’s efficiency and give your technician less work by cleaning around your unit. Keep dust and debris away from your indoor air handler unit and keep dirt, grass, and weeds out of your outdoor compressor unit. In addition to improving your airflow, cleaning around the indoor component of your HVAC system can also increase your indoor air quality.

Be Mindful of Your System

The more you know about your HVAC system, the more you’ll get out of a professional maintenance appointment. Pay attention to how your unit behaves between maintenance. Is it making strange sounds or releasing odd odors? Does it seem to be struggling to maintain comfort throughout your home? If you can identify oddities before your technician arrives, you can ensure the maintenance appointment better benefits you.

Adopt these three tips and you’ll maximize the benefits of your HVAC maintenance. To schedule professional maintenance, call our team at Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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