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Chores are a big area of improvement for most families interested in going green. Electricity usage, hot water consumption, and trash production contribute to your Edgewater, Maryland, home’s carbon footprint more than you realize. Are you ready to greenify your chores?

Wash Clothes on Cold

Most clothes don’t need warm or hot water to get clean. Save the hot wash cycles for things like towels and sheets, and wash all but your dirtiest clothes on cold, so you save energy by not using heated water. Many companies make detergent formulated to get your clothes clean on a cold cycle, so you won’t even notice a difference. Go extra green by hanging them to dry instead of using the dryer!

Tote Stuff in Cloth

Most people know about using cloth grocery bags. It’s time to expand your tote bag usage! Shopping at the mall? Ditch the plastic and paper bags the stores hand out and use your cloth bags instead. Bringing lunch to work? Stick it in your tote bag instead of a paper or plastic sack.

Assist Your HVAC System

Many homeowners forget to change their HVAC air filters once every month or two. Here’s why you shouldn’t forget. When your HVAC filter gets dirty, your system has a harder time pushing air through it. That means it needs to run longer and harder, using more electricity. Plus, your indoor air quality suffers, which may cause you to vacuum extra because of dust, using even more energy!

Here’s what you do: change your filter often, and use the highest MERV rating your system can handle. Then, have us come over twice a year to do routine maintenance. We’ll make sure your HVAC system runs at peak efficiency so it uses as little energy as possible.

At Griffith Energy Services we have the answers to your HVAC energy consumption questions. Let us recommend plans of action to keep your HVAC system in top shape and operating as green as possible. Reach us at 888-474-3391.

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