Cleaning your own home’s ducts might sound like a good way to save money and improve your indoor air quality here in Hagerstown, Maryland, but it’s more dangerous than you think. Ducts only should be cleaned by a trained HVAC professional, and here are the primary reasons.

You Don’t Have the Right Equipment

Your vacuum cleaner’s extension hose might reach a few feet into your ducts, but that’s not far enough to make a substantial difference. Your home can contain hundreds of feet of ductwork, so cleaning around the registers and air vents only will scratch the surface.

Our HVAC technicians have highly specialized equipment that allows us to clean every inch of your ductwork. Our equipment also proves much more powerful than a consumer-grade shop vac or similar device, which means we can remove smaller and more stubborn particles.

You Could Injure Yourself or Damage Your Home

Without proper HVAC training, you won’t know how to clean your ducts safely. You could injure yourself as you attempt to squeeze into tight spaces or balance on unstable beams in your attic. Additionally, untrained homeowners might accidentally tear ductwork, necessitating additional professional repair or replacement.

Either way, those hazards will negate any money you might have saved. Plus, if you don’t have the right safety equipment, you could breathe in the harmful contaminants that line your ductwork.

You Could Create a Mess

Cleaning ductwork can prove extremely messy. Our technicians know how to protect your home from debris while they clean your ducts, which means your home won’t show any signs of the work we do after we leave — except, of course, for cleaner air. Attempting a DIY fix will likely leave your floors, walls, and furnishings coated with a thick layer of dust, which will become time-consuming to clean up.

Professional duct cleaning will help you protect your home’s indoor air quality without putting yourself or your home at risk. To schedule expert duct cleaning with our trained technicians, call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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