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If you live somewhere like Baltimore, Maryland, and you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient, Griffith Energy Services is the company to turn to. Due to the earth’s current conditions, many people have made it a priority to run the energy through their homes more efficiently. Here are the best roofing innovations to improve your energy efficiency throughout your home.

Cool Roof Coating

One of the best ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency is to invest in a cool roof coating. Cool roof coatings are very reflective pigments that redirect sunlight away from your roof. When you coat your roof with one of these, it can stay up to 50 degrees cooler than it would without the coating. When your roof is cooler, it makes the inside of your home cooler which means that you don’t need to run your AC as much. This cuts down your energy use, making your home more efficient. It also means that you can save money on AC repairs and maintenance.

Single-Ply Membrane

Another way you can be more energy efficient is to use single-ply membranes on your roof. These membranes are pre-fabricated sheets that are rolled onto your roof and attached with either mechanical fasteners, chemical adhesives, or ballasts. These may be a good option for you if you already have a dark membrane on your roof because they can cover that dark surface and make your home cooler in a similar way as the cool roof coating.

Cool Shingle Roofs

Another way to make your home more energy efficient is through investing in cool shingle roofs. Some shingles are coated in the manufacturing process to make them reflective and therefore make the house cool, or you could purchase cool asphalt shingles which use specially-coated granules that make the shingles more reflective. These shingles will help the inside of your home stay cool and lessen the need to run the AC.

Making your home energy efficient is a great way to help the earth and keep the costs of your HVAC appliances down. Call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391 to cover any services you may need on your HVAC appliances today.

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