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The AC in your Columbia, Maryland, home works hard to keep you cool. You turn it on in late spring and probably don’t turn it off again until some time in autumn. Help your AC cool your house more effectively by looking into additional solutions to keep yourself cool, such as checking for leaks around your home, cleaning the AC coils, and controlling your humidity.

Check Your Home’s Envelope

No matter how efficient and effective your AC is at cooling your home, a leaky house will make it feel like you’re using a window unit from the 1970s. Cool air escapes from your home beneath doors, through window gaps, and via crawl spaces. Sometimes even your pipes and your outlets can let cool air outside. You can try weatherstripping your doors and windows for a DIY fix or hire someone to calculate your home’s heat loss.

Have Your AC’s Coils Cleaned

The coils are an essential part of your AC unit; they’re responsible for the heat transfer that cools the air that gets blown into your home. As you can imagine, if those coils are dirty, that heat transfer isn’t as effective, and you might notice your AC’s cooling power weakening. A professional HVAC technician will clean your coils without damaging them and will perform other routine maintenance while servicing your AC.

Add Humidity Control

Your AC is designed to dehumidify as it cools, but sometimes that isn’t enough, especially on those ridiculously hot summer days. Instead of cranking the AC down further, invest in a dehumidifier. These ingenious machines pull the moisture directly from your home’s air. You can get one for the entire house, or you can invest in a small unit that’ll do a single room.

Start the hot months off right with HVAC maintenance, which includes coil cleaning. Our techs at Griffith Energy Services do all the maintenance you need. Ask about available dehumidifiers, as well, to make sure your home’s humidity is ideal all summer. Call today at 888-474-3391.

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