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As the fall season approaches, you might anticipate crisp air, colorful foliage, and the chance to wear your favorite scarves and boots. However, autumn also comes with a few downsides that can follow you into your Columbia, Maryland, home. Specifically, humidity drops as temperatures cool off, and cold fronts start to move in. If you’re concerned about your health and comfort this fall, consider investing in a humidifier.

Reduce Cold and Flu Symptoms

Have you gotten your flu shot yet? Even if you have, you could still develop a cold or catch a new strain of influenza, and the resulting symptoms can leave you miserable for days. Dry air compounds your misery because it dries out your sinuses, throat, and nose. That’s why you might feel better after you take a hot shower or breathe in steam from a mug of tea.

You don’t have to spend your entire illness in the shower or with a cup of tea cradled in your hands, though. A humidifier increases humidity levels throughout your home, which eases your symptoms and helps you breathe easier. While you can buy a portable humidifier for a single room, we recommend whole-home humidifiers because they’re more efficient, and they don’t require human intervention. They become part of your HVAC system, just like your air conditioner and furnace.

Improve Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

Similar to a cold or flu, allergies and asthma can create uncomfortable respiratory symptoms. During the fall, leaves start dropping from trees, and allergies can flare up. Additionally, the cold air can make breathing difficult for asthma sufferers, even while taking medication.

Whole-home humidifiers help control your symptoms throughout the fall and winter. You might experience less coughing and wheezing because your lungs remain sufficiently lubricated. Additionally, you might not have a constant runny nose or the dreaded sinus congestion that often results from dry air. 

Additionally, whole-home models improve your home’s indoor air quality. They don’t promote bacterial growth like portable units can, and they constantly measure humidity levels to maintain the proper balance. You don’t have to clean whole-home humidifiers like you would portable models, so you can just let them work in the background.

Relieve Skin Discomfort

Dry air doesn’t just impact cold, flu, allergy, and asthma symptoms. It can also make skin disorders more pronounced because your skin needs moisture to heal itself. That’s why you might use more moisturizer and lotion during the fall and winter months. If you have rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, or another skin condition, a whole-home humidifier might help you manage your symptoms more efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, humidifiers can battle simple dry skin. If you notice that your elbows begin to crack or your knuckles become inflamed during the fall, you can blame dry air. While moisturizing products can help, keeping your home more humid offers less hassle. We can install your humidifier during a single visit and keep it running properly during routine maintenance. Plus, you won’t have to haul around a portable unit.

Breathe Easier at Night

Have you ever woken up with an unexplained cough or the need for a glass of water? Maybe you snore more often during the fall and winter, or perhaps you experience overnight nosebleeds. All of these symptoms can be traced back to dry air. While you sleep, your nasal passages, chest, mouth, and throat become progressively drier, which leads to discomfort.

A whole-home humidifier can relieve these symptoms and allow you to sleep peacefully through the night. You don’t have to worry about setting up a portable unit in each family member’s bedroom, nor will you trip over it in the middle of the night since it’s wired into your HVAC system.

Now that fall is fast approaching, don’t risk your health or comfort to dry air. Humidifiers help keep your family comfortable and symptom-free so you can enjoy all of the good things about autumn. To learn more about humidifiers or to schedule installation, call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391. We’ll help your family breathe easier in your Columbia, Maryland, home.

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