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Nobody likes to think about rodents, insects, and other pests inside their homes—or in their HVAC systems. However, when homeowners neglect proper maintenance or have older systems, pests can sometimes invade parts of the HVAC network. Some cause damage (e.g., by chewing and nesting), while others die because they can’t find their way out. You’ll want to avoid both scenarios. The following five pests can get inside the HVAC system in your Easton, Maryland, home.


Because of their body shapes, cockroaches can squeeze through the smallest cracks. They like cool, dark places, which is why they sometimes nest in ductwork. They don’t cause much damage, but you might hear them as they move through the ductwork. Regardless, because they can carry diseases, you don’t want them in your house at all.

Professional extermination can eliminate the problem. A pest control company will spray insecticide in the infested areas so you don’t have to deal with the roaches any longer. However, you must keep up with your HVAC system maintenance to prevent re-infestation.


Just like cockroaches, spiders can wriggle their way into small areas. They might get into your ductwork, vents, and indoor air conditioning unit if you don’t keep those areas properly cleaned and maintained. While spiders don’t cause damage to your HVAC system, they present a health hazard, as many spiders have sufficiently potent venom to injure humans. 

You can use commercial insecticides to keep spiders at bay. Unlike cockroaches, most spiders live solitary lives, so you might only have one or two intruders. If you’re concerned about particularly harmful spiders, however, rely on the experts. We can also clean your ductwork to guarantee that no pests remain in those nooks and crannies.

Mice and Rats

Rodents love to crawl into tight spaces, and they can cause significant damage to your HVAC system. Specifically, they often use duct material to build nests if they get the opportunity. They can also chew through refrigerant lines and other HVAC components, which can lead to costly repairs.

Extermination can help rid your home of mice and rats, but don’t stop there. Schedule regular HVAC maintenance so pests don’t invade your home. Our experienced technicians not only inspect your entire HVAC network, but they also clean specific components and alert you to any problems.


When the weather turns cool, snakes seek warm shelter. This is because, as cold-blooded creatures, they can’t regulate their own body temperatures. They sometimes like to nest in ductwork, which means they might also breed there. They might also coil themselves into condenser units because they’re attracted to the heat generation. When the fan blades start up, the snake dies, and depending on the size of the serpent, it could damage the blades or other parts of the air conditioner.

Make your home as uninviting to snakes as possible. Keep your lawn mowed and your garden weed free. Additionally, avoid leaving any holes in your yard that might seem like good hiding or sleeping places for snakes. If you’re still concerned, buy sulfur powder and sprinkle it around the perimeter of your property. It’s known to deter snakes.

Squirrels and Raccoons

Larger critters, such as squirrels and raccoons, can cause damage just like mice. Fortunately, they’re easier to hear when they scamper through your attic or ductwork. Call a professional pest control company to trap and remove the animals. You might want us to clean your ductwork afterward to remove any waste or other detritus that the animals might have left behind.

If squirrels or raccoons chew through your ductwork, we’ll need to repair or replace it. Holes in your ducts will allow warm and cold air to escape, which will increase your energy bills significantly. Neglecting the repair will cause your HVAC system to consume more energy.

Preventing Infestations

If you don’t want pests to invade your home and cause costly HVAC damage, regular maintenance is the most practical solution. Consider signing up for a maintenance agreement so we can visit your home twice a year for an inspection and cleaning. Call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391 to schedule an appointment.

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