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As the seasons change from autumn to winter, it’s inevitable that we start spending more time indoors to shield ourselves from the cold Berlin, Maryland, weather. Unfortunately, the change of seasons can raise health concerns, such as indoor air pollutants triggering our dreaded fall allergies. If you and your family are facing such issues, then rest assured that there is something you can do about it.


Introducing a constant stream of fresh air is crucial to mitigating unbearable allergies. A malfunctioning vent system in your home will leave you at the mercy of stagnant, polluted air. At the same time, advanced ventilation solutions allow you to manage the comfort of your home.


All the fresh air in the world would be for naught if it just became a Trojan horse for new pollutants to enter your home. You can prevent this by using an effective filtration system paired with your ventilation system. The filter will catch particles in the air, so make sure to have it cleaned regularly so that it can properly clean your home’s air.

Humidity Control

Regulating the humidity in your home is a key element to improving your health. Low humidity can trigger asthma symptoms and irritate sinuses. Aprilaire’s wide range of humidifiers can go a long way to alleviating these problems. This is especially true as it begins to get colder both indoors and outdoors.

Keep in mind that high humidity levels in your home can also trigger health risks. Dust mites, for instance, are able to thrive in a humid environment. If humidity is a problem in your home, then there are various kinds of dehumidifiers that could help. Maintaining a good balance is the key to a healthy life.

All of these tools are valuable in any home, but they can be critical if your household is struggling with allergies. To find out more about improving your home’s indoor air quality, get in touch with the experts at Griffith Energy Services. You can give them a call at 888-474-3391.

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