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You protect yourself from threats to your health by going to the doctor, eating healthy, and exercising. But what do you do to protect the health of the HVAC system in your Baltimore, Maryland, home? Unfortunately, the same poor indoor air quality that could be threatening your own health is also threatening your HVAC system. Mitigate these threats caused by indoor air pollution before they cost you and your system dearly.

Reduced Energy Efficiency

Poor indoor air quality doesn’t just affect your health; it also threatens the health of your HVAC system by reducing how efficiently your HVAC system runs. A filter clogged with dust and dirt, for example, will reduce the unit’s airflow, forcing the system to work harder and consequently reducing its energy efficiency. Those clogged filters will also allow more debris to stay in your air and that debris will get your system’s components dirty. Dust on your air conditioner’s fan blades will force the unit to strain to push the necessary air through your ducts.

Reduced Lifespan

Energy efficiency isn’t the only thing threatened by poor indoor air quality; indoor air pollution can also cut the lifespan of your system. Not only does the strain caused by dust potentially reduce the lifespan of your unit, but as that dust coats components like your heat exchanger and evaporator coil, that dust becomes a thin layer of insulation. That dust will become a barrier in the heat transfer process, which may consequently cause the evaporator coil to freeze.

That frozen coil will cause your unit to stop cooling your home, causing further strain and could also harm the outdoor compressor unit. When the frost on that coil melts, it may actually cause water damage to other components in the system, reducing the lifespan even more. Only an HVAC maintenance appointment will keep your unit from being threatened past a point of no return.

Poor indoor air quality is never good, especially when you’re trying to preserve and protect your HVAC system. To care for your unit by improving your indoor air quality, call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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