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Are you tired of the air in your Baltimore, Maryland, home making you sick? Maybe you’re just sick of high utility costs. Installing a UV light in your air conditioner can solve both of these problems at once. A UV light deep cleans the interior of your HVAC system, improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Here’s how.

What Is a UV Light?

Think of a UV light as an HVAC system super-cleaner. A UV light is installed in your air conditioner’s indoor air handler, where biological growth and other germs may collect, and from which they may spread to the rest of your home. A UV light uses light at certain wavelengths to shatter the DNA in bacteria cells and in the spores of biological growth. That damage kills what could otherwise be harmful to your family. Not only does UV light kill bacteria inside the indoor air handler, but it also purifies air as it passes through the handler before it enters your living space.

Should You Get a UV Light for Your AC System?

UV lights will benefit any family hoping to improve their indoor air quality. Since the coil within your indoor air handler sits in a dark and wet environment, it’s easy for biological growth and other bacteria to latch on to the coil. UV lights kill those pollutants before they can spread throughout your home and prevent these particles from collecting within your air conditioner.

In addition to cleaning your air, UV lights can also improve your energy efficiency. The dirtier the interior of your HVAC system, the more the system strains to maintain comfort, and the higher your utility costs rise. Since the UV light cleans your unit, it reduces that strain on your air conditioner and cuts back energy waste.

If you want to target indoor pollutants and breathe easier in your home, then consider adding a UV light to your AC system. To install a UV light today, call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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