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When it’s time to change the air filter on your HVAC system, you may discover that it’s always dirty. Here are some reasons why your air filter gets dirty fast in your Berryville, VA, home.

You Have a Pet That Sheds

Unfortunately, having a pet that sheds a lot will affect your filter negatively. Not only will you find pet hairs on most of your surfaces, but you’ll also find your vacuum cleaner and air filter clogged with your pet’s fur.

To help minimize this, you can brush your pet more frequently. Vacuuming more will help, too, as you will be gathering hair that would otherwise drift toward your filter.

Your Home Has Plenty of Contaminants

If your home contains a lot of dust and debris, your air filter will reflect this. The dust and debris will not only be in the air around you, but these contaminants will also clog your filter.

You can reverse this trend by keeping a clean home. That means vacuuming more, wiping down surfaces frequently and having everyone take their shoes off before entering the house.

Your Filter Has a Short Lifespan

The less expensive your filter is, the shorter its lifespan. Standard filters last for about 30 days. If your house doesn’t have a lot of dust buildup, you can push that to 60 days.

More expensive air filters, though, can last up to 90 days. If you find that your air filter gets dirty too fast, consider switching to a more expensive one. You can also ask one of our technicians what kind of air filter would be ideal for your home.

Your Fan Mode Is Set to “On” Rather Than “Auto”

When the fan mode is set to “on” instead of “auto,” your fan runs continuously even when your HVAC system isn’t cooling or heating your home. What that translates to is that your HVAC system is constantly filtering your home.

As a result, your air filter will clog up faster. Our HVAC maintenance team can tell you what settings your system should be on.

If you’re looking to improve your indoor air quality or want to switch air filters, give Griffith Energy Services, Inc. a call today. We can help.

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