If you’re planning to convert your Hagerstown, Maryland, garage into additional living space, a man cave, or a comfortable workroom, look into a ductless HVAC system to keep you comfortable regardless of the outside temperatures. There are many benefits to using this system for any add-ons to your existing square footage.

Existing HVAC Unit May Not Handle the Extra Area

Your original HVAC system was designed for the existing square footage of your home, not including the garage space. Adding ductwork to include hundreds of additional square feet may overwhelm your current system and result in less than optimal performance throughout the house. Installation of additional ductwork must be done by a professional and will carry an additional cost. The stand-alone mini-split ductless system will be more than sufficient for the size of your garage with minimal additional construction for the installation, as it is just the inside unit connected to an outside compressor.

Installation of the mini-split ductless system is much faster as there is no need to reconstruct walls and ceilings after a bulky duct install.

Ductless is More Energy-Efficient Than AC Window Units

While a window AC unit may be less expensive, the ductless system is actually more energy efficient and provides heat as well as air conditioning. The mini-split ductless system uses a heat pump in the winter but does not run on electricity alone. Energy is created from a refrigerant and transferred via the electrical compressor. This reduces the energy use of the system while still providing heat to the designated area.

The compressor piece outside is connected to the unit inside via a conduit so there is less possibility of cool air leaking via cracks around the unit as with a window AC unit.

Flexibility of Placement

The mini-split ductless system is a space-saving system with streamlined components. Placement can be wherever you need it within the space. The indoor unit can be installed on the floor, mounted on a wall, or even suspended from the ceiling. The outdoor compressor must be outside but is connected via fairly small piping that can be attached directly through the wall via two small holes.

Increased Indoor Air Quality

The self-contained ductless system has a multi-stage filtration system built into its design that reduces airborne particulates and pollutants in the area. There is a traditional filter that should be checked monthly but with routine checking the indoor air quality will stay good in the designated area.

Increased Cost Savings with Ductless Units

The mini-split ductless system is considered a zone system as the temperature is set for that specific area. It can be programmed to maintain a set temperature for different times of day and adjusted for occupancy or lack thereof. This saves money, as the unit is not attempting to maintain the same temperature all day, regardless of use of the room. Some homeowners may qualify for rebates or tax breaks for using this zoned system.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

With a ductless system, less energy is being used in a few different ways. Less electricity is used to heat the space as it uses the heat pump technology. Temperature-controlled zones help keep energy use to a minimum by only adjusting temperatures when the area is in use. These units are compliant with ENERGY STAR guidelines based on the size and zoning ability. In a nutshell, by using less energy, your home’s carbon footprint is also reduced.

Now that you’ve made plans to convert your garage, add the mini-split ductless system into your plans for temperature control of your new area. You’ll enjoy the convenience of this unit as well as the cost savings, and you’ll appreciate the indoor air quality immediately.

Give our service professionals at Griffith Energy Services a call at (888) 474-3391 to schedule a consultation today. They can walk you through the quick installation process and compare the ductless system with an extension of your existing HVAC system so you can see it in person.

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