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Your air filter acts as an important line of defense between your lungs and the many contaminants in indoor air. You should change the filter in your home once a month to make sure that filter is operating at peak efficiency. Neglecting this task could create several risks to your comfort, safety, and health in your Manassas, Virginia home.

Decreased Efficiency

Over time, your filter will collect troublesome particles from the air. When dust, dirt, and other items clog the filter, your HVAC system has to work harder to pull fresh air through to the other side. A clogged filter increases resistance, thus decreasing the efficiency of your unit and increasing operational expenses. The dirtier your air filter is, the less efficient your heating and cooling efforts will be. With a clean filter, air will flow through easily, and your utility bills will drop.

Contaminated Air

When your air filter is too dirty, dust and other hazardous particles may begin to build up not only in the filter, but also in the duct system. These dirty ducts can lead to a backup of irritating particles. In extreme cases, you may even see dust and other particles emanating from your vents. If you have excessive dust, pollen, dander, and mold in the air, your family can suffer many symptoms related to poor air quality, including headaches, nausea, congestion, and irritated eyes.

Risk of a Ventilation Fire

In extreme cases, a dirty air filter may become so clogged that the filter itself becomes sucked into the system, compromising air flow through the filter. This situation poses a serious fire hazard and can cause extreme damage to your HVAC unit and your home.

Fortunately, changing an air filter is something any homeowner can do. If you’re not sure where your air filter is located, your HVAC technician can show you how to complete this essential job during a regular system maintenance visit. Contact Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391 for your HVAC system’s annual tuneup.

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