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There are numerous spring and summer events to consider as you think about opening your home to visitors. Whether you love to host special events or whether you have a big celebration ahead, it’s important to plan far enough in advance that you can take care of both large and small details ahead of time. Evaluate the visual accents and issues that will allow your home to look great, but think beyond those visual elements by considering hidden home maintenance steps that can enhance the appeal of your residence.

Dealing with Dust

Dust can be an annoying issue, especially if you are constantly dealing with the same fixtures and furnishings with little improvement. While regular dusting and vacuuming are important for removing allergens and irritants, you may be missing some of the areas contributing to the dust bunny population. Consider these steps as well:

  • Dirty air filter – your filter helps to remove large particles from circulation. Make sure that a new filter is in place for optimum filtration of dust from your airstream.
  • Duct maintenance – particles that aren’t captured by your air filter can move into your system and through your ducts, leaving unseen material to build up and affect those who are sensitive to allergens.
  • Air sealing – limit the movement of dust into your home by tightly sealing leaks and drafts at windows and doors. Remove old material that shows signs of deterioration, replacing with fresh caulk or silicone.
  • Air purifier – install a purification unit to provide more intensive filtration of particles or, in the short one, have a free-standing purifier available.
  • Air registers – verify that your registers aren’t blocked or dirty so that clean air can flow freely through, preventing dust from settling before it can reach the air filter or purifier.

Minimize Clutter

One of the most important entertaining tips is that less is often more. Clutter may be familiar, but for entertaining, it can give the wrong impression. As you clear shelves and furnishings to dust, consider storing items that aren’t essential for decorative needs. You may want to use a spare room or your home office for temporary storage. You could even relocate excess decorative items to bedrooms or other private areas for permanent display. This will allow you to keep your entertaining areas neat and attractive.

Attack Odors and Stuffy Air

While an air cleaner deals with particles, stuffy or smelly air may require an update to your home’s ventilation system. Many homeowners think that the use of air fresheners or scented candles is the best way to address such issues. However, this covers up a problem and requires ongoing treatment. Additionally, many such products can release irritants into the airstream, affecting your indoor air quality for the worse. If you regularly deal with odors or stuffy air, consulting with an IAQ specialist may help you to get to the root of the problem. Meanwhile, consider simmering spices such as cinnamon to naturally freshen your air. Additionally, consider using plants such as aloe vera and spider plant to enhance both your indoor decor and air quality at the same time.

Timing Your Event

Using your outdoor space can keep crowding to a minimum, especially if you are planning a large event. Scheduling your activity later in the day will allow your guests to enjoy comfortable outdoor conditions. It will also place less stress on your HVAC equipment.

Get Those HVAC Tasks Out of the Way

As you explore additional entertaining tips, take care of home maintenance issues involving your HVAC equipment by calling the experts at Griffith Energy Services. Our technicians are available for system maintenance and duct inspections to deal with home comfort issues. We can also evaluate your indoor air quality to address odors or excessive humidity and stuffiness. Call our Edgewater, MD, office for an appointment today.

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