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Have you ever been in your Columbia, Maryland, home and just felt sluggish and unproductive? Surprisingly, this could be your body’s response to poor indoor air quality in your house. Many unfortunate situations can be caused by poor air quality in your home and improper ventilation.

Poor Work Performance

In an office environment, poor indoor air quality will cause sluggishness and a general decrease in productivity. Employees may complain of headaches or dry and irritated eyes. Even visitors to an office with poor air quality report dissatisfaction with their visit. Schedule regular maintenance of your office HVAC system to improve employee productivity and keep visitors feeling positive about your office.

Short-Term Physical Reactions

Short term exposure to poor indoor air quality can have no effect, or it can profoundly change the way you are feeling. Depending on your age, whether you have pre-existing medical conditions, and the extent of your exposure, you may have irritation of the eyes, throat, and nose. You could experience dizziness, headache, fatigue, and nausea. Your sinuses could become congested as well.

These reactions are typically in response to a general lack of adequate ventilation. If the HVAC system hasn’t been properly maintained and the filter hasn’t been changed in some time, the indoor air is not able to cycle to the outside and bring clean air into the building. Add an air purifier to your existing system to increase the clean air coming into your home.

Combustion products like tobacco, organic vapors such as household cleaners and deodorizers, and bioaerosols like pollen or bacteria can accumulate in the home. They can circulate from room to room, causing inflammation and irritation. Exposure may aggravate asthma or cause worse reactions for the immunocompromised.

While sensitivity to these pollutants can vary depending on the individual, generally these effects are short-term and can be easily treated. Sometimes simply removing the person from the situation is treatment enough for them to return to normal. Use of tobacco, household cleaners, and deodorizers in a well-ventilated area will decrease irritation and physical response. Scheduling routine maintenance and replacing the filter on your HVAC system will also help greatly with reduction of these symptoms.

Long-Term Physical Reactions

Prolonged exposure to poor indoor air quality can result in respiratory disease, heart disease, and cancer, all of which can be debilitating or fatal. Symptoms may show up years after the exposure or after long or repeated periods of exposure. Treatment can be a time-consuming and difficult process as a cure for the different variations of diseases may not yet exist. Be aware of the long-term consequences of poor indoor air quality and take the appropriate steps to resolve the situation. Always consult your physician if you have medical concerns.

HVAC System Failure

If the indoor air quality is bad enough, the various contaminants, dust, and debris could completely block the filter in the HVAC unit, causing the machine to overheat and ultimately fail. If the system cannot pull the air through the filter, it will continue attempting to suck air in, causing the unit to heat up and the mechanism to malfunction. The contaminated air from the engine burnout will be released into your home. You could be looking at replacing the entire HVAC unit. Be sure to maintain your system properly in order to avoid this extreme situation.

Avoid the negative consequences of poor indoor air quality by keeping your system on a professional maintenance plan and changing the filter regularly. Keep your home free of contaminant and clear of pet hair and dander. Use cleaners and combustibles in a well-ventilated area in order to reduce the effects on your body. These simple acts can save you and your family discomfort in the long run.

Contact our service professionals at Griffith Energy Services at (888) 474-3391 to check your HVAC system and set up a maintenance schedule based on your usage. We have been an HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance provider for over a century. Let us put our experience to work by keeping your family safe and comfortable.

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